Gong Sound and Vibration for Relaxation, Transformation and Wellness

Joyful Healing

with Linda Joy ...

Gong Sound Meditation CD

Gong Soundings

Played by Linda Joy and Recorded Live by Justin Shearn (2013)

Three Gong Sound meditations which will allow you to go to the silence
within to begin the process of Relaxation, Transformation and Wellness.

1. 34“ Symphonic Gong (12:12)
2. Gongs and Crystal Singing Bowls (22:22)
3. Gong Sound Bath (27:01)

Exchange - £10.00 ( plus p & p £1.60 UK)
cash, cheque or bank transfer.

To order your copy and for payment information please contact Linda at joyfulhealing@btinternet.com

These CDs will also be available at Gong Sound Baths and events.

Review of 'Gong Soundings'

I've recently bought Linda Joy's 'Gong Soundings' CD and am so incredibly glad I did. Having experienced Linda's huge gifts in person, I wasn't sure how a recorded version would compare with being in the sheer physical presence of all her healing sounds, not least her phenomenal 34" gong. However what you might lose in vibrational presence, you gain in convenience and portability, and listening to it with headphones I still found myself experiencing the same extraordinarily powerful sound vibration transporting me into a healing/trance state. I've also played it through ordinary (24 year old) speakers and still got goosebumps. As for helping creative artists, I'm normally the world's biggest procrastinator when it comes to producing artwork, but after putting on this CD I found myself going into a deeply creative state and experienced the easiest hour's work I've had in a long time. Next job, wiring up the bathroom so I can listen to it over a soak in the bath! A truly healing CD. Highly recommended.

Brige Steedman (Devizes, Wiltshire)


If you wish to make an appointment for a private gong session (group or one to one), or would like to reserve a space at a group gong bath, then please contact Linda by email or phone.

If you have any questions or require further information, then please email me and I will aim to get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

email : joyfulhealing@btinternet.com
Tel: 01225 832006


Shiela Whittaker - Gong Master

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