Gong Sound and Vibration for Relaxation, Transformation and Wellness

Joyful Healing

with Linda Joy ...


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These are some of the comments made following a Gong Sound Bath.....

 " Wow" "Amazing" "Where did the time go?"  "What a joyful experience!" " I didn't want it to end"
"Such a magical afternoon" "Wonderful" "Talk about a cellular workout! " "I Loved it"

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The last Gong Bath is still very much with me. I heard a voice during it telling me I needed to finally speak up about something from my childhood and tell my story after living most of my life in fearful, shameful silence. I went home and did it right away and aside from allowing me to connect with my best friend in a whole new way and break a pattern of guilt and hiding, it set off a chain of events over these last few weeks that have been absolutely unbelievable. Painful, cathartic and freeing. I have a sense of 'newness' and that I have shed an old skin. I've been able to let go of a huge part of my being that is no longer serving me. It's been really incredible. So I just wanted to share that, so you know how amazing what you do is and the profound impact it can have. To have the space to tune in and connect with my intuition is such a gift. Thank You Linda xx T (Bath) 15.03.16

I don’t know where I went on Sat afternoon but it was definitely a blissful space, and absolutely wonderful as always.
BW (Bath)

I will probably know the full effect of my experience in weeks to come, but for now I can tell you that I enjoyed it so much. I thought it was such good value for such a great experience. Every bit as lovely as a full body massage. I went somewhere - I'm not sure where, once I relaxed into it. I didn't want to come back. I had a strong intention which was to fulfil my intentions more!! I like to think I'm seeing the buds of this coming through already. I've done a few things I'd been meaning to for a long time, like starting a mediation class and joining a band. I feel more clarity and ready to 'clear the decks' for new experiences. Thank you. Needless to say I've been raving about my experience to friends and will be coming back for more. IE, (Bath)

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Linda’s Gong healing is one of the most relaxing meditations I have ever done. The benefits are undeniable; it has helped me with both direction and health. I am so amazed by the benefits that I mention it to anyone who I think would be interested. NE(Bath)

Thankyou for introducing me to gong therapy! - I can't really put in words all the feelings I got from the experience but it was wonderful. It was hard to have to get in a car and drive afterwards - I felt a walk was what I wanted.
I felt quite exhausted - in a pleasurable way and remained quite light, but clear headed all evening and even when I woke in the night and again this morning. SW (Wiltshire)

  "Thank you for your kind note and for sharing the wonderful vibrations of yourself and the instruments. It was the most amazing experience - with so many breathtaking 'wows' it is hard to define. I will hold the colours and sensations very close. Thank you for your gift and welcoming me." JP (Wiltshire) 

Retreat Day: "Dear Linda, What a joyful day. Thank you so very, very much. As always it was a totally apposite experience. Loving Yourself is the foundation for everything. So much suffering comes from lack of self-esteem - and Gong and Gong Master facilitated a huge leap forward along the Path...Loved everything about the day, you were soo generous as always with delicious snacks and treats" . Angela 29.11.15

  "Hi Linda, I'm still smiling from my Gong experience!!! It was such a great experience, I can't wait to do it again"
LW (Bath)

  "What can I say, another amazing gong session! Each time I come I find I have a different experience, sometimes I feel the session has helped clear out some old patterns of unwanted habits that I have, while other times I just go on a wonderful journey. We are so lucky to have you in Bath and I look forward to many, many more wonderful gong sessions.  Thank you so much" MC (Bath)

"I have only been for one gong session but did enjoy it very much and the positive physical effects felt at the time. I was also glad that the sound level was so nice and not overly loud as I have very sensitive ears. I’m sure I shall come again."FW(Bath)

  " Felt very mellow from our lovely submersion last night. Wonderful!!" SW (Bath)
  "Thanks so very much for the wonderful Gong Bath. It was so, so beautiful, healing and magical. Well done and bless you" RP (Bath)

I didn`t know what to expect when I attended my first Gong Sound Bath with Linda....but the warm welcome, relaxed
and friendly atmosphere soon settled me into the room ready for an hour with sound...LMS Wilts x

A gong bath experienced distantly

  "Now here's an interesting thing.... I had a very relaxing visualisation, started by coming over to see you both and connecting with the sound of the gong, then going on an incredible journey into the sea, shapeshifting from lugworm (yes really!) to fish, to dolphin, to shark (all very different energies) and then to an island to meet up with spirit animals and guides who shared some healing with me. Afterwards, I checked my emails and lo and behold, one of my regular 'DailyOM' emails arrived on the subject of - guess what? - sound healing!! Just how synchronistic is that? Hope you had a fabulous 'gong-a-long' session yourselves - thank you for letting me take part! " BR (wiltshire)

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Feedback from pupils in Schools

"I found the gong sessions very helpful - they made me feel relaxed but refreshed and helped me look at my problems in a new light" Jenny - yr 10 (15yrs)

"The Gong sessions were very helpful in terms of reducing my stress level. They helped me to relax and become more focussed at the same time. They helped me to focus on the things that are actually important." Kim - yr 12 (17yrs)

"I have really enjoyed this Gong session. It really made me feel more relaxed and I did really well in my exams because my stress was gone and I could concentrate more! I loved all the instruments that she used, they made me think of the happy things in life and made me forget all the bad stuff. Thank you very much I enjoyed it a lot." Kristina - yr 10 (15yrs)

Excerpt from The boarding School newsletter to parents........" but one different activity we enjoyed was ‘Gong Therapy’. I had never heard of this before but (teachers name) introduced it as a relaxation session. None of us really knew what to expect and when her friend Linda arrived with a van we began to wonder what we had let ourselves in for! However a good proportion of the House signed up for this activity which basically meant sitting comfortably in a darkened room listening to a very large gong being played at odd intervals along with Tibetan bowls. The sound was haunting yet strangely relaxing and calming and the girls found it a great help in dealing with exam stress. If you ever have the chance to try it I would strongly recommend it. The girls were certainly quiet and calm afterwards and all went off to bed and sleep with no problems. A House mistresses’ dream!.. "



we are all unique


and .......

We are all on our own path.
Whatever that path looks like is perfect for us.....

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