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Gongs into Schools.......

For sometime now it has been my dream to share this transformational Gong Sound with the pupils and teachers in schools. I am CRB checked and this is transferrable.

It seems that our children today are under a great deal of stress. Always having to make decisions about their future, under pressure from themselves, their parents and school to do well and achieve good marks in exams. Homework, afterschool activities, problems at home etc.... Many children ( and their parents) today dream big and have high expectations. They feel so much responsibilty for their future lives at a very young age and are overwhelmed by all the sensory equipment which they are exposed to. Often they don't have the time or space ( like adults) to switch off, let go and be with their thoughts The Gong Sound Bath gives them that space. After a Gong Sound Bath, there is sometimes more clarity, and energy. Sleep is better, and learning is easier.

There are different ways to experience the Gong Sound....

A Group Gong Sound Bath - where participants come for about an hour and lie down in a warm comfortable space - the group size is limited by the size of the space.

An individual Gong Sound Bath - as above but on your own.

An individual taster Gong Sound Bath - One person sits directly in front of the Gong and receives the sound for 15 mins - This would be ideal for fetes and fayres, or similar events in school. Participants would book a time slot.

If you think that your school may be interested in any of the above, then I would be delighted to speak to you about your ideas and needs and formulate a plan and costs to suit. I am always happy to offer a group taster session to test the interest if required. The sessions need to be age appropriate, and young children would come with a parent or adult.

Below is a testimonial from a Housemistress. You can read what the pupils think on the Testimonial page

Testimonial from the Housemistress at Warminster School - June 2013

When Gong Sound Therapy was first suggested to the girls in my Boarding House, who are between the ages of 14yrs and 18yrs, I have to be honest and admit I thought it sounded rather an odd thing to want to do to relax - sit and listen to a Gong! However the girls were keen to give it a try. We had so many that we had to divide them into two groups. The van arrived and out came a very large Gong along with Crystal singing bowls and other instruments. The girls got into relaxing clothes and some brought their duvets into the common room. They were asked to make themselves comfortable, the lights were dimmed and the 'music' started. The session lasted for about an hour by which time the strange but beautiful sounds had completely relaxed the girls. They all said they found it really helpful and were able to completely relax. For one or two they said it had given them time to think things through, events in their lives that previously they had pushed to the back of their minds because either they were painful or just too busy to process. All however agreed it was an experience they wanted to repeat. We have had several sessions in the House this term and we plan to continue next term. Students are under a lot of pressure these days and any way we can find to help them de-stress and just give themselves time to process thoughts in a busy world, has surely got to be worth a try.

So go on give this a try you will feel the benefit.

Janine Knapman - Stratton House

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